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Responsibility – beyond the leather edge

Responsible and sustainable acting has always been an important concern for us. Olive Leather®, the sustainable tanning with olive tree leaves, represents a new dimension in the pursuit of sustainability in leather production.

With O’leaf tan®, the sustainable premium leather with olive leaf tanning, we offer our customers leather produced in a particularly sustainable and responsible manner. 


All raw materials come from European origin and are processed exclusively

by audited and certified tanneries to produce a truly high-quality premium leather. 

At the same time, the leather retains the durability attributed to it and continues to give pleasure even after many years. 
Only vegetable tanning agents from olive tree leaves are used for the production of O’leaf tan®.

These are not only obtained from olive harvest residues, but the tanning agent is also certified several times for its sustainability and harmlessness. 

Do you have any further questions about O’leaf tan®? Please contact us. We look forward to your message. 

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