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A real innovation in leather tanning. Extracts with tanning characteristics are obtained from olive leaves. By using these extracts, the tanning process is simplified and sustainable, ecological leather can be produced (wet-green® technology). The technology has been successfully implemented on an industrial scale. We offer this sustainable and innovative premium product under the label “O’leaf tan® by Leder Reinhardt®”. The wet-green® technology is suitable for all common types of leather and application ranges. 
The unique characteristics of “O’leaf tan® by Leder Reinhardt®”:

•    excellent grain firmness
•    good surface properties
•    good shrinking behaviour (even in changing climate)
•    high form stability
•    pleasant fullness
•    dense fibre structure
•    excellent embossing possibility 
•    good tear and tensile strength 
•    versatile (furniture, automotive, clothing, …)
•    trouble-free further processing


The wet-green® technology offers completely new possibilities for sustainable and environmentally friendly leather production.

Premiumleder mit Olivenblattgerbung
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